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Warehouse & Garage Striping

Warehouse and Garage striping are a couple of the many services Parking Lot Picassos offers. Having a clean and well-maintained warehouse floor is very important to a company’s organization. Having a striped floor will help a warehouse look organized, clean, and professional. This will also help in employee organization and safety. Let an expert at PLP come out and inspect your warehouse to help determine which avenue to take.


One of the first questions we ask our warehouse striping customers is "how long do you need it to last?"  Once we have determined if you are looking for long term vs. short term paint product, we can begin to cater your proposal to your specific needs.  For example, if you need a product that is going to last without fail then we would recommend a two part epoxy with shot blasting or acid etching for preparation of the concrete surface. This product can be guaranteed to stay down without failure.  


Another example might be someone who is looking for warehouse line painting that will only last a year or two such as a building tenant with a two year lease.  In this example, we would probably recommend an oil base paint without any prep of the concrete.  Though there can be no guarantee on this product, it should get you through the two years with enough paint adhesion to serve your basic staging and marking purposes. 


There are many factors when it comes to choosing the correct product for your job. Consulting with a PLP representative will help you figure out which of them you need to consider.

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