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Why maintain parking lots?:

- Minimize potential liability claims

- Reduce parking and traffic problems 

- Extend the life of your parking lot

- SAVE money over the long run

- Meet Municipal/State/Federal code and zoning requirements

- Improve the appearance and professional image of your property or business

- Striping is inexpensive maintenance

- Promote consumer access and safety 



The following are some of the questions we are frequently asked:


How often should I stripe my parking lot?

This depends on the amount of traffic you have in your parking lot.  However, on  average parking lots need to be striped every one to two years.


How often should I seal my parking lot?

In order to get the most life out of your parking lot it should be sealed every 3 or 4 years depending on the amount of traffic.


My business is open to customers, how can you maintain my parking lot without interrupting business?

Parking Lot Picassos, LLC can work on portions of your parking lot , leaving other sections open to customers.  Or PLP can work on your parking lot when your business is closed.  

Do I need handicap parking?

Yes, Missouri law requires that businesses have handicap accessible parking in every parking lot.

When is the best time to have my parking lot sealed and striped?

Sealer and Paint lasts the longest when it is applied with the temperature  outside is above freezing.  The spring, summer and fall seasons are the best time to maintain your lot.

Should I shop around for the lowest price?

Price is important but, quality is equally important.  Often the cheapest price may not be the highest quality.  Parking Lot Picassos, LLC works to offer low prices with quality service and products.


How long do stripes and painting last?

Its hard to predict the life of parking lot stripes and stenciling.  The life depends upon the level of traffic, the overall condition of the pavement, and the different weather conditions of the area. 

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